Model No.: TC562B

Automatic model Range: 10"-24"

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is a full-automatic tyre changer, economical  and perfect for high-volume 

tire shops where large,low-profile tires are a growing part of your business.
Designed with the operator's comfort and efficiency in mind.This tyre changer has 
many features including:

-Suitable for mountaing/demounting larger and wider tires

-High-performance on alloy wheels mountaing/demounting 

-Clamping jaws and mounting/demounting head are made of high-quality steel

-Automatic push button up-down shift arm on the colum

-Simultaneous pneumatically horizontal/vertical arm locking

-Equipped with tilting colum

-Equipped with inflation gauge

-Equipped with bead breaker system extremelly versatile

-Equipped with adjustable internal/external wheel clamps

-Large turnable with high-quality cylinders and sealing parts

-Equipped with power assist bead roller

-Equipped with bead lifting disk

-Equipped with bead hold-down device



Standard Parts:

Optional Parts:
Integreted Bead Blaster

Motorcycle Adaptor

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